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2024-25 School  Registration
April 15, 2024

 Our 2s and 3s classes
are currently full.

If you would like to be on our waitlist, please fill out an application and email to 


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Class Information

Enrollment starts March 15 for 2024-25
Two year old Class- 2 Day program, Tues & Thurs 9- 11:15

     These are students who have 3 years before kindergarten.  They are either two years old or turn 2 by  Dec 1.  Our program promotes the social and emotional development of the children.  We want to spark each child’s enthusiasm for learning. Our curriculum focuses on learning through play, process art, literature, and music appreciation. We encourage children to explore, increase independence, problem solve, use their imagination, sing, and dance. 

Three year old Class- 3 Day MWF 9- 11:45-  With optional 4 days (Thurs)  and 5 days- School is so much fun, families have asked if we can offer more school days for three year olds. 

   This year we will offer 3 day week Mon, Wed, Fri. program- and a 4 and 5 day option.  Four days students would attend Mon., Wed, Thurs. & Friday. If you choose the 4 or 5 day option, the student will participate in a multiage classroom with the 2 year olds or 4 year olds depending on where they fit developmentally.

Students in the 3s class have 2 years before kindergarten.  They either are three years old or will turn three before December 1st.  

    This expanded program is an exciting opportunity to get to know other students- to learn and lead with them.  Children learn so much from playing with each other. Most families will attend Lake George school  and the preschool explores and supports our local community parks, businesses and events.  Caldwell Presbyterian Preschool is an opportunity to be involved in the Lake George community.

Four year-old class- 5 day M-F 9- 11:45

     These are students who have just one (1) year before they enter kindergarten.  They either are four years old or will turn four before December 1st.   By the end of the year, these children will be ready to begin kindergarten!  They will spend the year working with numbers, letters, colors, shapes. They will go on field trips outside of the school, including Caldwell-Lake George Library story time.  

     Each month a character development trait and bible lesson are presented to school classes.   For example, September's trait was kindness and the story was the Good Samaritan.  All classes and their families are invited to other activities throughout the year.  In the past we have enjoyed Sunny Side Farms, a Halloween Parade, a Thanksgiving Festival, Gingerbread house building, and World Children’s Awareness Museum.


Caldwell Presbyterian Preschool is happy to welcome the families of Lake George and the surrounding communities! We are focused on providing encouragement and high-quality care and education to the children in our program.  

One of the best parts of each year is getting to know our students and their wonderful families. Please contact our director, Meghan Quillen, with any questions. We may have a spot available for your child.

71 Montcalm Street

Lake George, New York 12845

Meghan Quillen - Director

Church Preschool #: 518-668-2613

Director # 518-791-6681

Thanks for submitting!

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