A life long love of learning begins here!
Growing in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man!
 (Luke 2:52)


Our program is based on the belief that our students need encouragement as well as education.  Each child is unique and in our program their God-given gifts and abilities will be encouraged and developed.  
We have two classes here at the Caldwell Presbyterian Preschool. 
Three year-old class

These are students who will have two years before they enter kindergarten.  They either are three years old or will turn three before December 1st. The class schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-11:45.  For most students this is the first introduction to a classroom situation of any kind, and we will be flexible and accommodate the high activity level of the children.  The children will participate in story time, be assigned to various classroom jobs, enjoy the playground, work on craft projects, painting and coloring. We also have music as a part of every single class-time.  Playing instruments, singing, and dancing are all activities that they will enjoy daily.  They will do all this while learning to work together! 
Four year-old class

These are students who have just one (1) year before they enter kindergarten.  They either are four years old or will turn four before December 1st. This class meets every day, Monday-Friday, from 9:00-11:45.  By the end of the year, these children will be ready to begin kindergarten!  They will spend the year working with numbers, letters, colors, shapes...and of course HAVING FUN!!  They will go on adventures outside of the school, including attending story hour at the Caldwell-Lake George Library.  These four and five year olds will be equipped to enter kindergarten with an an understanding of how uniquely they have each been created, with special God-given gifts and abilities and a desire to keep on learning about the amazing world we have been given!


Caldwell Presbyterian Preschool is happy to welcome the families of Lake George and the surrounding communities!! We are focused on providing encouragement and high-quality care and education to the children in our program.  
One of the best parts of each year is getting to know our students and their wonderful families. Please contact our director, Lee-Ann Bombard, with any questions. We may have a spot available for your child.

** We are required by New York State to abide by the new vaccination requirements for exemptions. For more information visit:


71 Montcalm Street

Lake George, New York 12845


Lee-Ann Bombard - Director

Tel: 518-307-3029

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